Supporting sustainable shellfish aquaculture development

ROSA will work with stakeholders, including growers and regulators, to develop a practical GIS tool to underpin the sustainable and profitable development of the UK shellfish aquaculture industry.

With growth in aquaculture across the UK projected to increase rapidly in coming years, it is vital that development is undertaken in a considered and sustainable manner.
All culture operations in the UK are required to conform to strict controls including an environmental impact assessment prior to start up, or if a significant change to operations is envisaged. Consequently, there is increasing pressure to develop management strategies which will facilitate sustainable development, balancing the potential benefits with the risks.
The system-scale analyses provide by ROSA will help growers, managers and regulators to optimise 'farm site selection' and 'culture practice' according to other spatial users and constraints, such as pollution closures, existing lease sites, mooring fields, and critical habitats. The system will also include a risk and benefit analysis to support planning.
By working closely with key stakeholders to develop the portable desktop-based tool ROSA plans to deliver a unique and practical product to support the development of UK shellfish aquaculture.

Once the desktop based tool is ready for implemenation a training workshop will be planned for interested stakeholders.  For further information on this please contact